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person DateMarch 28, 2017


Nature has honoured the beautiful capacity to generate a new life within women and every

Woman has the right to enjoy motherhood. Every human being has a desire to have their natural offspring. In India a woman is respected as a wife only if she is mother of a child, so that her husband’s masculinity and sexual potency is proved and the family lineage continues. Unfortunately, some women cannot give birth to their own child by biological means due to some physiological conditions and hence the problem occurs.

The advancement of medical science and technology has always proven to be a boon to the mankind along with numerous challenges.  With the advancement of assisted human reproductive technologies and particularly surrogacy, it has made possible for the individual to beget a genetically related child with the help of third party and without sexual intercourse.

Surrogacy is where a woman agrees to give birth to a child whom she will not raise and will not be her own child but give the newborn to the contracted party. In other terms, surrogacy also means giving the womb on rent.

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