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Lawctopus’ Online Course on Blogging + Personal Coaching [May 1-25]: Register by April 20

person DateApril 20, 2017




Tanuj Kalia, the CEO of Lawctopus, personally teaches for this course.


1. You want to know ‘totally-fully-marvelously’ about running a great blog.

2. You want to dabble in entrepreneurial things related to legal writing/publishing.

3. You are a writer at heart and want to connect to an audience.

4. You want to run a serious blog which showcases your writing and research skills to a potential recruiter.


Tanuj Kalia, Lawctopus’ CEO and Publishing Editor, takes this course.

Tanuj starting his blogging journey with Legal Poet, his blogavatar which won Legally India’s “Best Blogger in India” award in 2010.


We keep the logistics very simple and it works well for us.

We’ll use Email, Google Docs and Phone Calls to coach you for a period of 25 days.

If the participants so desire, we also create a WhatsApp/Facebook group for discussions.

Here is what the course consists of:

Guide Papers (GP): Guide Papers (that’s what we call our modules) are 5-6 pages long documents containing concise, practical information on various topics of blogging.  There are 10 Guide Papers in all.

Tasks: There are 5 tasks on some key Guide Papers. These tasks ensure that you implement what you learn. Each task is discussed via Emails or on the Facebook Group.

Calls: While most of the communication happens over emails, you can call the coach to discuss any related, unresolved issue.

The course will be informal but professional; structured but flexible.

The course progresses like this:

Read the guide paper and ask questions, if any.

Complete the task and ask questions, if any.

Regular phone calls are also scheduled to help you with anything you are struggling with.


Guide Paper I- An overview of what 7 best-in-the-business blogs look like and what makes them successful.

Secret Document- How Lawctopus started: The first document which was sent to the co-founders.

Guide Paper II- How to build a blog: The 5 starting points/basic essentials and how to do them right.

Task 1- Start your blog on WordPress.

Guide Paper III- Stylesheet and Formatting: How to write a post on your blog, make it aesthetically pleasing. We discuss basic formatting, using links, pictures etc.

Task 2- Put up a first blog post on your blog and format it.

Guide Paper IV- Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Deals with 11 major things which anyone should know about SEO.

Task 3- Optimize the blog-post you did.

Guide Paper V- Making money: 7 ways in which blogs can earn money. Includes a sample eamil on pitching potential advertisers. Also has an invoice format.

Guide Paper VI- Marketing: 8 things to think of marketing in the Seth Godin Way.

Guide Paper VII- Writing: How to improve your skills; how to actually get words on paper and other things.

Task 4- Submit your write-up and get evaluated.

Guide Paper VIII- The Legal Poet Guide Paper. Learn why and how LegalPoet ticked.

Guide Paper IX- Writing a book and getting it published. All that I learnt while writing the book ‘Law as a Career’.

Guide Paper X- Legal issues in blogging and how to deal with them.

Task 5– Feedback.

Discussions will happen via Email and Phone.


If you can spare 1 hour a day for the duration of the course, that should be good enough.


Rs. 3000 (Rupees Three Thousand Only).


If you think the course was not worth the 3000 rupees you invested, you’ll get your money back.

Just email us telling us why you didn’t like the course.

No conditions apply.


The best way to get your queries addressed is to put it in a comment on this post.

Or you can send an email to tanuj.kalia@lawctopus.com or call at 9711850703.

  • Duration: May 1-May 25
  • Course Fees: Rs. 3000
  • Intake: 5-20 students
  • Bonus: All the 15-20 bloggers will get a chance to publish their write-ups on Lawctopus
  • Teacher: Tanuj Kalia
  • Last date of registration: April 20

To register, please send a copy of the receipt/or screenshot of the payment to tanuj.kalia@lawctopus.com with your personal details: name, email ID, phone number in the body of the email.

The subject line of the email should be ‘Blogging Course Registration’.

Please use the following details to make the payment. You can either pay through direct bank transfer or online bank transfer or a direct cheque deposit.

Name: Tanuj Kalia
Bank name : HDFC Bank
Branch name/Address: Geetanjali, New Delhi
Account Number : 50100049041211
IFSC Code: HDFC0000614

You can also pay by debit/credit card using the link here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What if I register and 20 registrations are over by then OR What if I register and my application is not accepted?

We accept registrations on a first come-first serve basis.

When 20 registrations are over, we close the batch for further applications.

A minimum of 4 registrations have to happen for the batch to commence.

However, if you have paid and registered and we cannot accommodate you in the present batch, we’ll give you two options: a. do the course in the next batch or b. refund you the money

2. I have my exams/moot/internship around this period. Can I do the course? When will you next launch the course?

If you can devote around a total of around 10-12 hours for the 25 days of the course (around half an hour a day), you can complete this course.

If you can’t devote these many hours, you can register for the upcoming batches whenever the announcement is made.

3. Will I be able to improve my writing skills through this course?

About 20% of this course is about writing. In such a short duration (20-25 days) no course can help you improve your writing skills in a big way.

So, if your sole aim is to improve your writing skills, this course may not be exactly suited for you.

However, blogging is a good way to work on your writing skills. When you blog regularly, you read a lot, you write a lot and you get a lot of feedback (and that’s how you improve you writing skills).

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