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person DateMarch 2, 2017



Defamation is a tort as well as a crime in Indian Laws. In general, defamation is an act by a person to bring down one’s reputation in the eyes of general public. A person is to be called ‘defamed’, if the other makes false accusation or baseless comment on him.

What is Defamation?

According to Dictionary,” Defamation is an injury to the reputation of another by making a false statement to a third person.”

According toSalmond,” The wrong of defamation consists in the publication of a false and defamatory statement respecting another person without lawful justification or excuse.”

According to Winfield,” Defamation is the publication of statement which tends to lower a person in the estimation of right thinking members of society generally or which tends to make them shun or avoid that person.”

English Law

According to English Law, Libel and Slander are types of defamatory statements.

Libel is a written defamatory statement. Or an representation in some permanent form .Like writing, printing, caricature, wax-work effigy, and statue. In cinema film not only the photographic part is considered to be libel but also the speech which synchronises with it is also a libel.


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