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person DateFebruary 17, 2017



What is child Labour?

Work that deprives children of their childhood, their potential, their dignity, and which is harmful to their physical and mental development is child labour.

Laws related to child Labour:

  • Child Labour (prohibition and Regulation) Act of 1986:

            This act prohibits the employment of children below the age of 14 years in hazardous occupations listed by law.

Initiatives against Child Labour in India:

Many NGOs like BOSCO, Child line, Child Rights and You, Bachpan Bachao Andolan, Child fund, Global March against child Labour, Pratham work for Child Rights.

Few Case studies:


  • Child Rescue Operation conducted in Bangalore:


On 30th June 2015, BOSCO Bangalore conducted a child rescue operation to rescue child labourers at Talachaguppa (Mysore Road) and rescued 27 children including 3 girls, all below the age of 18 years.

Based on prior information, a pilot study was carried out in and around Talachaguppa area to confirm that the children were employed and soon BOSCO rescue team was called upon for an immediate intervention. The team of 40 members including volunteers and staff was assisted by Anti Human Trafficking Unit, representatives from District Child Protection officers, APSA Child line, Child rights Trust, CID team and Police.

These children’s were working at various plastic and synthetic recycling units in the vincity of Talachaguppa, near Kumbalgododuv circle, Mysore road. The children were found washing plastic (polythene materials) in an unhygienic and deplorable condition, Operating heavy machines. These children used to work from 6am to 6 pm and their salary varied according to their work from Rs.1500- Rs.7000 per month.

These children were trafficked from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand. The man who is allegedly involved in trafficking children was caught in the operation. As per the mode of operation the necessary medical tests were organized, eventually children were produced before the police personnel. Children were given shelter at BOSCO shelter homes for boys and girls separately. The rescued children were then produced to Child Welfare Committee for further verification.

  • Child Labourers at Patna:

Child line Patna received information that 6 children from Katihar were being brought to Patna to work as child Labourers. The team sprang into action and police nabbed 4 traffickers and 6 children below the age of 10 to 12 years. A FIR was lodged and the traffickers were booked under the Indian Penal Code, Child Labour Act, Juvenile Justice Act, Juvenile Justice Act and the Bonded Labour Act. The matter was also brought to the notice of child welfare committee. The children were resorted to their homes with minimum delay.


  • Rani rescued from Domestic Child Labour in Orissa.


Every year, thousands of girls are trafficked across different states in India. Many are lured by promises of well paying jobs in bigger cities and most believe they are beginning a better life. Most often, they are sold for meager amounts for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation, domestic help, etc.

Rani*(name changed) grew up never knowing who her father was. She and her mother resided in the village of Raidhihi in sundargarh, Orissa. When Rani was only a little over a year old her mother got married again. Her mother soon gave birth to her stepbrother and sister. Unable to support her government school education, she was made to drop out of school while she was in her 7th grade. She was compelled to work at a construction site in her village which drew in a meager Rs.400/-. Rani`s income doomed to be sufficient and she left her hometown with her neighbour in the hope of a better life and a higher income. Rani, like many other young children was hoodwinked into going to Delhi. She was sold to a family in the city as a domestic helper and never received a salary.

One day, while working in the kitchen with her male counterpart Raju, Rani was pressurized and raped by him. Rani reached out to her employer for help, but to her dismay, there was no action taken. 15 days later, Rani`s neighbour and neighbour`s husband Vikas were called to take her away. To add insult to injury, Rani was then sold by Vikas to his friend Vishal. She was later taken to Indore by Vishal, who sold her to Vikram. Vikram in turn sold her for Rs.20,000 to the Rathore Singh family in Manishpuri, Indore, once again as a domestic worker who was physically abused by her employers. At a tender age of 15, Rani led a life of anguish that she never imagined.

Child line intervenes:

Child line received a call from sister Rosila from Saint Raefel School in Indore. Immediately, the CHILDLINE team swung into action and shared all the details of the case with the Police. Together, CHILDLINE and the Police traced the child the very same day. She was taken away from the household to the Police station. The Police provided immense support to the CHILDLINE team in making the rescue operation a success. Shortly after, an FIR was filed against the Rathore family. The forceful sexual activities which Rani was victim to were proved right after she was made to undergo a medical examination.

Justice for Rani

There will never be complete justice for the atrocities Rani faced as a young girl. Rani was taken before the CWC to help gain some direction. The CWC organised a meeting with Rani’s step father and concluded that she would be sent to the Special Home for Girls, Pardeshipura, and Indore. CHILDLINE informed the WCD and the Police about the same. The police took action immediately and set out to find the families who had employed Rani along with the man who had abused her. All the involved traffickers from Orissa, Delhi and Indore, the families who kept the girl as domestic worker and the boy who committed rape have been found and convicted by Indore and Delhi police.


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