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Free Online Course on Advance Certification in RTI Act 2005 (Right to Information Act 2005)

person DateFebruary 10, 2017

Legal Amicus Media and Forum is your intellectual partner affiliated to International Peace youth Group (IPYG) and recognized by शिक्षालय Educational Society. Our aim is to make a person aware from different terms of law and boost them to the zenith of his/her life and career.

Free Online Course on Advance Certification in RTI Act 2005 (Right to Information Act 2005) to educate the individual about its importance and use. RTI has proved to be a measure to check and monitor various Public Domains effective and efficient.

Course Components
1. Right to Information – Significance and its relationship with good governance
2. Right to Information under the Act- Meaning and Scope
3. Public Authorities under the Act
4. The Central and the State Information Commission- Powers and Functions
5. Practical tips on filing an RTI Application to elicit the maximum information
6. Appeal Mechanism under the Act
7. Procedural issues in information request
8. Key issues and constraints in proper implementation of the Act

  • The above content will be divided into 4 modules to be covered in 4 weeks one module each week.
  • The students need to submit one assignment every week.
  • A minimum score of 65% (Cumulative Score) is essential in order to be eligible for the successful completion of the Course, however Statement of Purpose/recognition will be given to all others.

 Who can Register

Students, Lawyers, Law enforcement personnel, customs officials,etc., Social agents, Social Workers- Scientists, Software Professionals, Executives, Economists, Journalists


4 weeks (1 Month) Starting From 1st March 2017 to 30th March 2107.

Application Deadlines/ Last date to apply.

25th February 2017 

Only 100 Seats Available (Priority Will be given to fist come first basis)

List of selected candidates will be declared on 26th February 2017


To Register for the course click on the link given below: